Administrative and Licensure Law

Administrative law is the area of law involving you or your company’s dealings with the various agencies, departments, and divisions belonging to the State of Florida. Oftentimes, you and your company may be on the receiving of a licensure complaint by an unhappy customer, an agency action involving the non-renewal of you or your business’ license, and/or a denial of a license that you or your business applied for!

This is a niche area of law that a law firm in Tallahassee can really help you, as a client with; that is not to say that other firms located elsewhere can’t offer you the same service, but sometimes being located in the same town where the vast majority of State Agencies are located can help with the logistics of getting the right documents to the right people at those important times.

When Mr. Dunn worked as a registered lobbyist for a large state-wide firm, he was taught how to make the appropriate contact with the correct agency contacts to assist his clients with their licensure issues. Although he is no longer a registered lobbyist, those connections he made still may be able to help you or your business!

If you or your business is the recipient of unwarranted action by a State agency, you may be able to get your attorney’s fees and costs reimbursed, when you are the prevailing party!

If you have a license issued to you or your business by the State of Florida or if you want to apply for a license, and/or have any licensure issues; please call the Law Office of Kris Dunn, P.A. at 850-443-5330, we look forward to helping you!


List of State of Florida Agencies:

Attorney fees and costs awards for the prevailing party:

Section 57.105, F.S.

Section 120.595, F.S.

Section 57.111, F.S.

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