Practice Areas of Law

Administrative and Licensure

Administrative law is the area of law involving you or your company’s dealings with the various agencies, departments, and divisions belonging to the State of Florida. Oftentimes, you and your company may be on the receiving of a licensure complaint by an unhappy customer, an agency action involving the non-renewal of you or your business’ license, and/or a denial of a license that you or your business applied for!

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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation (often called Business Law and/or Contract Law); refers to the current laws and regulations governing the dealings between people and commercial entities (or business entities versus other business entities). This is often seen in contractual disputes, employer-employee disputes, performance contracts, non-compete contracts, and similar issues arising between people and/or businesses.

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Family Law

Family law is the term applied to the laws and rules developed regarding family matters and domestic relations. At the Law Office of Kris Dunn, P.A., we dedicate ourselves to help you in the areas of divorce/dissolution of marriage, child support, and the establishment of parenting plans.

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Stop-Work Orders

Stop-work order are issued to companies for allegedly not having workers-compensation for their employees. The Law Office of Kris Dunn can defend your business and reduce or eliminate your penalties and avoid possible criminal charges.

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White-Collar Crimes

Traditionally, one will classify embezzlement, “scheme to defraud,” “wire/ mail fraud,” and/or “RICO” cases in this realm of law.

Mr. Dunn’s background in accounting, his numerous years working with business and financial records, his time handling these types of cases when he was a prosecutor with the Department of Financial Services and the tax section at the Office of the Attorney General, along with his cases he’s helped his clients recently; have demonstrated this is an area in which great results have been produced on behalf of his past clients.

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Wills, Trusts and Estates

The Law Office of Kris Dunn, P.A. can prepare your will and decision-making documents regarding healthcare, creating a trust to provide for family or fund a charity, and administering the estate of a deceased loved one.

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