Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation (often called Business Law and/or Contract Law); refers to the current laws and regulations governing the dealings between people and commercial entities (or business entities versus other business entities). This is often seen in contractual disputes, employer-employee disputes, performance contracts, non-compete contracts, and similar issues arising between people and/or businesses. It can also include claims of equity and civil torts, such as a breach of contract and unjust enrichment, tortious interference with a business relationship, slander, landlord/tenant disputes, eviction, and professional negligence.

Traditionally, you will find a lot of disputes fall under this area of law when you may have the following types of actions:

  • When a business sues you (individually) or your company.
  • When an employee sues the business for some breach of contract or tort (think of hostile work environment, discrimination, and/or some employment related issue such as non-payment, unlawful termination, and so forth).
  • When you (or your company) want to sue a business for a breach of contract (think of a vendor agreement, a job that you hired someone or somebody’s business that you did)
  • Commercial (Business) Landlord / Tenant disputes; the contractual language is going to be important when you have issues revolving around these kind of issues. Typically, one might see property management and CAM fees (Common Area Maintenance fees) disputes arise. The issues of parking allocation, signage, and nuisance may also affect the original intended agreement. Sometimes one might see the agreed-upon buildout agreement for the space that was rented is no longer able to be honored. These kind of issues arise quite often, unfortunately!
  • Oftentimes, these contracts may have attorney fees provisions in them, so if you are a prevailing party, you may get your attorney fees and costs awarded!

If you or your company face any of these situations or think you may potentially be involved in a lawsuit, please contact the Law Office of Kris Dunn, P.A. for a consultation, as soon as possible.


Attorney fees for frivolous lawsuits
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