White Collar Criminal Defense

White Collar Criminal Defense | The Law Office of Kris Dunn, P.A.

These are the kind of cases that this Mr. Dunn really loves to handle.

Traditionally, one will classify embezzlement, “scheme to defraud,” “wire/ mail fraud,” and/or “RICO” cases in this realm of law.

Mr. Dunn’s background in accounting, his numerous years working with business and financial records, his time handling these types of cases when he was a prosecutor with the Department of Financial Services and the tax section at the Office of the Attorney General, along with his cases he’s helped his clients recently; have demonstrated this is an area in which great results have been produced on behalf of his past clients.

Understanding that past results are no indicator of future performance, however; it is still imperative that if you are alleged to have committed some kind of crime like this, you will want an attorney that reviews every page of every document. Oftentimes, the salvation is found in the details.

If you have any case involving these issues of embezzlement, scheme to defraud, wire/ mail fraud, and/or RICO case against you, please call the firm immediately, and PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ANY STATEMENT to any law enforcement and/or news media.

Please call the The Law Office of Kris Dunn immediately at 850-583-5380.

FBI White Collar Crimes: https://www.fbi.gov/investigate/white-collar-crime

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