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This area of law is sometimes called “gratuitous transfers” and involves most any occasion where a person transfers money or property to another without necessarily expecting anything in return. The most common example is probably writing your will, but it includes so much more!

Take a moment to consider that will is just one part of your estate plan and how any decision that you want to make for your life will have to be set up in advance. Maybe you are a grandparent who wants to leave something directly to your grandchildren. Maybe you want to set up an ongoing trust to provide for your family or fund a charity. And maybe you have very personal thoughts on how you’d like to face your last days.

Whatever your situation is, we know that end of life decisions are very personal. To make sure that your wishes are given full force, you simply must plan ahead of time.

Maybe more than any other area of law, wills, trusts and estates are a very formalistic area of the law. It’s impossible to stress just how important it is that your will is drafted correctly and that all the formalities are observed.

Services in this area of law include:

  • Preparing your will and making decisions regarding healthcare
  • Creating a trust to provide for family or fund a charity
  • Administering the estate of a deceased loved one

Mr. Dunn has been handling wills, trusts and estates since 2005. Put that experience to work for you! Call us today at 850-583-5380 and set up an initial consultation to speak with an attorney about your situation.

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